About Clique.UI

What Clique.UI is, and why we made it.

What Clique.UI is & isn't

Clique.UI is a slim, modular front-end framework designed to help user-interface developers create sites & web applications quickly, easily, and without hassle. It melds the better parts of existing frameworks while eliminating the dependence on older browsers, the fluff of gregarious style and JavaScript practices, and implementation of antiquated front-end design patterns. In short, it's a fast, slimmed down framework upon which beautiful websites are made.

By contrast (and unlike other frameworks), Clique.UI does not claim to be the end-all-be-all of front-end frameworks. It is simply a highly modular base upon which sites & web apps can be built upon. It should be picked apart and used in pieces - that's why we wrote as modular as we did.

Why we created Clique.UI

There are plenty of existing frameworks already out there, and these can get the job done for other design agencies. But at Clique Studios we have some of the best designers and developers in the world, and are expected to meet our clients' needs with precision, on time, and at or under budget. Having to hunt and peck around the web for bits and pieces of each framework that we needed (and elimate those we didn't), reading documentation on individual GitHub repos, and then trying to bring together all these disparate pieces simply wasn't cutting it.

Essentially, Clique.UI was created to fill the gap left by bloated open-source projects and leave just a slim easy-to-use base to meet our clients' needs.

Supported Browsers & Platforms


Version 21+
Version 20+
Internet Explorer
Version 9+
Version 3.1+
Version 12.12+


Version 7+
Version 4.4+
Windows Phone
Version 8.1+