All Clique.UI core components at a glance.

Clique.UI offers over 30 modular and extendible components, which can be combined with each other. Components are divided into different compartments according to their purpose and functionality.


These components generally normalize HTML elements for cross browser functionality and add some very basic styling.


Apply our fully responsive fluid grid system and panels, common layout parts like blog articles and comments and useful utility classes.


Clique.UI offers different types of navigations, like navigation bars and side navigations. Use breadcrumbs or a pagination to steer through articles.


Style basic form elements, including different states of validation, visibility, and accessibility.


Here you'll find components that you often use within your content, like buttons, icons, badges, thumbnails, and much more.


These components rely mostly on JavaScript to fade in hidden content, like dropdowns, modal dialogs, off-canvas bars and tooltips.


Clique.UI includes a number of responsive classes to style your content for different viewport widths. This table gives you an overview of the available breakpoints and the associated devices.

Size Breakpoints Device
Mini up to 479px Phones portrait
Small 480px to 767px Phones landscape
Medium 768px to 959px Tablets portrait
Large 960px to 1199px Desktops & tablets landscape
Xlarge 1200px and larger Large Desktops